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Is there any way for not allowing duplicate or similar account name like(abc,abc inc,abc Inc, Abc corp)

Hi All,

Is there any way for not allowing duplicate account name in salesforce.

For Eg: I have created account name ABC.
Now Again If I create Account with name ABC corp,ABC Inc,The ABC then it should throug error
that name already exist in salesforce.

Most of the duplicate account is because of above reasons.
Request your help
I dont know if there is an easy way via customization (validation rules, etc) to restrict the user from creating dupe accounts, but you can do it via various development options, like triggers, overriding the new button on account to build the VF page etc. One of the examples I saw on a developer forum is below


Hope this helps. 
Hi Kartik,
Thanks for your response.

Whether it will also test Account with name ABC corp,ABC Inc,The ABC in the system
Yeah,  I mean since its your custom logic you can built it to do basically anything, but the code reference above will check for similar names and provides you the list. please go through it. Thank you
In this link  it is showing that  "upload this code as a s-control." how we can do this .There is no new button avilable in S-Control .
Can you please help
Sorry about that I thought you would use it as reference. There is no support for scontrols anymore. You need to create a visualforce page and then override the new button with the visualforce page you created. You have lots of references in developer forums and documentation on creating the visualforce.
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