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Best workflow formula or formula in field?

This is what I'm trying to do. I need to transform the following picklist options: 

1 tree, $25.00 
2 trees, $45.00 
3 trees, $65.00 
4 trees, $85.00 
Grove of 5 trees, $100 
Grove of 6 trees, $110 

to the corresponding text:
A tree
Two trees
Three trees
Four trees
A grove of five trees
A grove of six trees

I have a few options, I think. I can create a workflow that uses IF, PICKLIST or maybe CASE and populates "A tree" etc. into a text field or I can create a formula field. I also tried making the "1 tree, $25.00" and etc. picklist a master picklist and the "A tree" and etc. picklist the sub-picklist, but the sub-picklist remains blank and I don't know if there is a formula that would make it autofill. I am an Advanced Admin; not a Developer and I have always struggled with formulas and cannot figure out the right way to do this.  I've tried several different formulas and I get error messages with them.

Any suggestions or formula samples that you can share with me? Thanks in advance.

suresh dupadasuresh dupada
As per your criteria.............
case 1:  I am created two pick list one is master pickList and dependent pickList using the field dependency..... here controle pickList is (Which i was created  :  TreePick__c)  and the dependent pickList is (SubTreepick__c), using the pickList value as u given above... When i am selecting the "1 tree, $25.00" value then in the subpick list it will as to select the value "A tree" because default value is "None"........... but expected output is appearing........

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CASE 2: You populate Auto value, means based on the TreePick__c value you can generate related value using the Faormula of Text data type

if(ispickval( TreePick__c ,'1 tree, $25.00'),'A tree',
if(ispickval(TreePick__c,'2 trees, $45.00'),'Two trees',
if(ispickval(Treepick__c,'3 trees, $65.00'),'Three trees',
if(ispickval(Treepick__c,'4 trees, $85.00'),'Four trees',
if(ispickval(Treepick__c,'Grove of 5 trees, $100'),'A grove of five trees',
if(ispickval(Treepick__c,'Grove of 6 trees, $110'),'A grove of six trees',
if(ispickval(Treepick__c,'etc'),'etc',' ')))))))

           Based on the TreePick__c values an formula field can be generated based on the FORMULA values...............

                        In the below images: TreePick__c is a picklist field
                                                           SubTreepick__c is a sub picklist filed as of above example
                                                           AutoTreepick__c is a Formula Field


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