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Apex Param is not calling the function in class sometimes, which is working in one sandbox, which is not working in another sandbox?

I have a method in command link, i am passing parameters through <apex:params> with name attribute and retriving from page parameters, which is working in my dev environment, when i try to move QA, its not calling the respective method, Very Strange...!!!!

VF Code:
<apex:commandLink action="{!showMultiSelectionPopUp}" value="{!b.name}" style="color:#2B8BD5;" rendered="{!b.recordtype='Multi Value Option Capture'}">
          <apex:param value="{!s.SchemeId}" name="selectedSchemeinMultiListControl"/>
          <apex:param value="{!b.RecordId}" name="selectedControlId"/>
          <apex:param value="{!s.SourceId}" name="selectedSourceId"/>

Apex Code: 
public string selectedSchemeinMultiListControl{get; set;}
public string selectedControlId{get; set;}
public string selectedSourceId {get; set;}

public pageReference showMultiSelectionPopUp(){
            selectedSchemeinMultiListControl= ApexPages.Currentpage().getParameters().get('selectedSchemeinMultiListControl');       
            selectedControlId= ApexPages.Currentpage().getParameters().get('selectedControlId');
            selectedSourceId= ApexPages.Currentpage().getParameters().get('selectedSourceId');
            return null;

Please help me..

Kumaresan M 2Kumaresan M 2
Actualy there is a corection in my question that, I can able to access this method if i try out with system admin, I am using permission set to access for other profiles. I gave all pages, Classes, Objects, Fields permissions. Page loads good with all contents (obviously he has pages, class access).. But when i try to access command links with params, command button, I am unable to call the method even.. Please help on this. Very Urgent...
Not getting an error somewhere ? 
Kumaresan M 2Kumaresan M 2
No.. No errors in debug log and page level error as well..
Kumaresan M 2Kumaresan M 2
The page variables are getting refreshed when i clicks the button. But method is not calling, which is calling for admins.. very strange
Kumaresan M 2Kumaresan M 2
This problem exists in that particular VF page alone, not on other VF pages. I am having 2 tabs in that page. Each tab is linked with each VF page. The first page actions are properly calling. But when i click secnd tab, the second VF page is loading properly. But i wont even able to go first tab by clicking first tab from second VF page. No action is calling here.. All objects, fields, Pages, Classes permissions are given to related permission set. No use.. When i try to access via System Admin, All actions are calling perfectly.. No Errors in Debug log as well..,