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About Patch and Push upgrades in salesforce manage package

I have created a Package that is managed released. And i have installed it on other dev org. My all the classes and pages are functioning well but i am getting some error in one of my page.

I got why it is giving error. Now i have to do some modification in the one of the class in the Org where i created the managed released package and i did that. But my question is now.
1) How will i fix these changes in the installed org?
2) Do i will have to create another released or i can do it by patch or push?
3) If can do it through patch and push upgrades then how?

I am confused what to do next. Please give me some information so that i could go ahead.
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You have to create another release for your modified version, then use the link of the new version to install in your other org.

To answer the Patch and Push: If your package has not passed Salesforce AppExchange security review, then you can't do the push to upgrade. (The push upgrades only available to the packages that are published on the AppExchange.)
Hi, What is AppExchange security review?
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Hi Sumit, Basically, if you want to publish your package on the AppExchange market place, then you need to sign up to be an ISV partner and submit your managed package to security review. You can find more information here: https://developer.salesforce.com/page/Security_Review. *Optimizing Business Operations* *Boom Bertetti* Application Development Manager t: +1 781 262-3400 x3417 | m: +1 571 438-5009 Get stronger sales insights with our new App for Salesforce, Sales Activity Tracker .* Try it free >> *