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Daniel EkengrenDaniel Ekengren 

SOAP error as of Monday morning "content-type of the request should be text/xml"


Since Monday morning our SF integration no longer works. The developer that wrote this is long gone and I am not sure I can even express myself properly but will give it a go.

We call an external executable via a URL which in turn calls SF using HTTP/SOAP. As of Monday this no longer works though our code didn't change for a long time. The  full error (decorated by our log function) is:

Fault Code: soapenv:Client
Description: content-type of the request should be text/xml
220914 133800 --- Info            SalesForce Error

It doesn't seem far fetched that some upgrade of some kind happened at SF over the weekend? If not, please let me know what information I need to submit to get help. Thanks!

Hi Daniel,

It seems to be some changes happened on server side which is not accepting request format what you are currently using so If you are using 
<b>content-type: application/xml;charset=UTF-8</b>
then you may change it by <b>content-type: text/xml;charset=UTF-8</b>

but it would be good if you can send me in private message.

Sandeep Singhal