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Deepak ChouhanDeepak Chouhan 



I have created sObjects for person information and that sObjects content Name,phone,mobile,address etc.
In a VF page we are useing some controller but into site.com how to use controller i dont know.
I have writen custom code for site.com page template and I want to store data by the help of submit button into site.com page as well as fetch data into table section.
it very urgent for me So pls help me. can you provide some example.
nitesh gadkarinitesh gadkari
Hi deepak,

as far as i know for using VF page you have to use Force.com sites rather than site.com.Than you will be able to use controller for the vf  page.Also site.com has its own development studio where you can create HTML pages use css for decoration and incorporate many  more features.

Deepak ChouhanDeepak Chouhan
Hi Nitesh,

Thank you for reply,
i have create domain name into Force.com sites. can you explain how to get VF page into site.com through force.com sites.

nitesh gadkarinitesh gadkari
Site.com is a content management system that enables easy creation and management of a website's content. You can also create forms and web-to-lead  form through Site.com. And you can use  JavaScript and CSS for front end.

But Site.com sites exist outside the flow of your Apex code and VF pages. So the answer is no, you're not able to use Apex code or VisualForce tags inside of Site.com.