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Harish NarayananHarish Narayanan 

Emails sent via workflow alerts (for case edits) are not logged in Email Related List

I am trying to observe the technical differences between using workflow email alerts and auto-response rules for cases. I created a workflow alert which triggers on creation of new case and every subsequent edits to the case record. I also created an auto-response rule. Both the settings use different email templates.

When I create a case using OnDemand Email-to-case, it creates 2 new email records in the Email related lists for the case record. I also receive 2 different emails (one triggered by workflow and the other by auto-response rules).

Subsequently when I changed the status of the case to working, I expect to see an email sent to the case customer email and another record created in the Email related list. However, I do receive the email, but the process doesn't create a record in the Email related list. Does anybody know why such a behavior? Has anyone came across something like this.

Also, can someone please explain, under what scenario(s), does one use workflow email alerts and auto-response rules.

I have already read the explanation given here https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=rules_differences_auto_workflow.htm&language=en_US but it isn't that helpful. They almost look the same. So please don't direct me back to the same link in your response.

Many thanks.
Harish NarayananHarish Narayanan
Any emails sent via workflow email alerts for a case, doesn't create an email record in the EmailMessages (Email related list under Cases). So I guess this is one reason why we choose auto-response rules over WF email alerts in order to store the emails exchanged to and fro.

In addition, the case auto-response rule can only send the email to the customer who submitted the case (either via web / email). But, a WF email alert can send email to multiple users including the customer, case owner and other emails that we specify in the email alert rule item.

I am hoping these are the 2 key differences why one needs to choose between auto-response or WF email alerts. Please feel free to comment on or correct my understanding.