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Ken sfdc1Ken sfdc1 

How to generate a report daily between 11am to next day 11am?

We would like the report to filter 11am Yesterday – 11am Today. We also need a weekend report that shows 11am Friday – 11am Monday. Is this possible?
Chris ShadeChris Shade
Hey Ken,

I don't believe the normal fitlers will allow you use a criteria based on time.  That said, you could create a custom formula field that referenced your date/time field and did the logic for you.  For instance, 11am Monday to 11am  Tuesay could return Monday's date, 11am Tuesday to 11am Wednesday could output Tuesday's date (and you could also account for the weekend).  

If that is an option and you have more questions, I'd be happy to help.

Hi Ken,

The time based i.e. 11 am yesterday - 11 am today type of filter is not available in the reports. You can create a custome field which will catch the 11 am time then you can choose the filter critera based on the custom field.

Also there is another option : Analytic Snapshot
You can create the analytic snapshot to capture the case records daily at 11.00 am (Snapshot will run daily at 11 am) and then you can generate reports on the snapshot object.

Ken sfdc1Ken sfdc1
Hi Pratik,

   DO you have any formula to just capture time of 11 am yesterday to 11am today only these 24 hrs in the report.

SOmething like if any record is created between this time zome we can have an indicator checkbox to true so that we can capture only those records.