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Is there any way to resend the approval request email after 3 days if not approved by the approver?

Default approval email will be sent by Salesforce to approver for every step in an approval process. I want to send out this approval email again after 3 days if the approver didn't approve it so that the approver can reply to this with Approval status. This new mail helps to remind the approver or will be useful if the original approval mail got deleted. Is it possible to do so?
Shashikant SharmaShashikant Sharma
It will require some customiation :

1 . You could do a field update on Approval process which could trigger a time based action which will send notification if the record is still waiting for approval
2. You could develop a batch and send email for all records waiting for apporval for last 3 days for the assiged users. A separate email could be send to every such user.
Henry Chen 1Henry Chen 1
Yeah, it's annoying, I have written a custom solution here https://hanlin-chen.com/2016/12/18/resend-approval-email/ 

This solution supports email reply, it works 99% like the native approval email.