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Prabitha SPrabitha S 

anybody explain about how to create visual page

Vignesh NayakVignesh Nayak

1) Enable development mode for your profile,
    a) If you clicked Setup, select My Personal Information > Personal Information.
    b) If you clicked My Settings, select Personal > Advanced User Details.
    c) Click Edit.
    d) Select the Development Mode checkbox, then click Save.
2) Then Add apex/VisualforcePageName.
     Eg: if your Salesforce instance is https://na1.salesforce.com, the new URL is https://na1.salesforce.com/apex/VFPage
     So in the above page, Your Visualforce page name is VFPage.

You can create, view, edit your pages in :
Setup -> Develop -> Pages

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Vignesh Nayak S


Hi Pratibha,

Do you mean Visualforce page?

U JayU Jay
If it is visual force pages :-

Please refer the link