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Roman Rodriguez IVRoman Rodriguez IV 

Cost for App Development


I am a new Salesforce Partner and I had questions about the cost to license the software for development and when I build an app, how much will it cost my customers to use the app? Most do not have salesforce so wanted to see if they had to buy salesforce then the app etc.
Hi Roman,

Please refer to this  link for Salesforce Pricing and edition. 
You can also contact your AE.

If your user is already using any edition they just need to pay for only for your application.
But if they are not using any SFDC edition yet, first they have to buy SFDC edition. So they need to pay for : SFDC edition + Your application cost.

Now SFDC edition many vary in prices.

Like if they want to use SFDC sales cloud than price will be like this

Sales cloud PROFESSIONAL salesforce License price (65$/user/month) + (your application price/user/month)

Sales cloud ENTERPRISE salesforce License price (125$/user/month) + (your application price/user/month)

Sales cloud UNLIMITED salesforce License price (250$/user/month) + (your application price/user/month)

Like this.....

But if user want to user only your application that we can ask them to buy them salesforce platform license (which is very cheaper)

platform license + (your application price/user/month)
Diana DavisonDiana Davison
There are lots of things you have to take into account to evaluate the cost of your app when you consider developing it. First of all, you need to define the type of your app whether it's interactive, classic mobile, etc. Then a type of technology you wanna see in your app, you can find the details  here (https://www.visartech.com/blog/how-much-app-development-cost/). Generally, evaluation of app development is quite a long-term task because there are lots of stuff you have to choose, think and calculate.