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hanumanth rao Naiduhanumanth rao Naidu 

System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: CANNOT_INSERT_UPDATE_ACTIVATE_ENTITY, UpdateEscalation: execution of BeforeInsert .. Class.TestCloseParentCase.TestCloseParentCase: line 143, column 1

Hai i am getting this error while i test the test class...please anyone help me on this ........
 below is my test class
Private class TestCloseParentCase{
static testMethod void TestCloseParentCase() {

Profile p = [select id from Profile where name = 'Custom - RSE'];

User TestUser = new User(Alias = 'newUser', Email='newuser@testorg.com',
                 EmailEncodingKey='UTF-8', LastName='Testing', LanguageLocaleKey='en_US',
                 LocaleSidKey='en_US', ProfileId = p.Id,
                 TimeZoneSidKey='America/Los_Angeles', UserName='newuser@test.philips.com', I3_Username__c = 'TestUser');
insert TestUser;


            OneEmsRecordTypes__c cs = new OneEmsRecordTypes__c(name='Case',Active__c = true, Description__c = 'Test Data'  );   
            insert cs;

            OneEmsRecordTypes__c cs1 = new OneEmsRecordTypes__c(name='Closed Case',Active__c = true, Description__c = 'Test Data'  );   
            insert cs1;            

            OneEmsRecordTypes__c cs2 = new OneEmsRecordTypes__c(name='Case - New',Active__c = true, Description__c = 'Test Data'  );   
            insert cs2;            
            OneEmsRecordTypes__c cs3 = new OneEmsRecordTypes__c(name='Case - SubCase',Active__c = true, Description__c = 'Test Data'  );   
            insert cs3;            
            Account  Acc = new Account( Name='Test Account',  Credit_status__c='Good',Account_Group__c = '0001' );
            insert Acc;
            Contact  Con = new Contact( FirstName = 'Test',  LastName ='Contact',  AccountID = Acc.id, Phone ='1234567890');
            insert Con;
            Functional_Location__c FnLocation = new Functional_Location__c(Name='TestFunctionalLocation');
            insert FnLocation;
            Asset  Assets = new Asset( Name = 'Test Asset',Plant__c = 'US', AccountId = Acc.Id, Main_Workcenter__c = 'Test', Functional_Location__c = FnLocation.id);
            insert Assets;
            Product2 prd=new Product2(name='Test Product');              
            insert prd;
            ServiceContract Scon = new ServiceContract(Name='Test Service contract',AccountId=Acc.Id,ContactId=Con.Id);
            insert Scon;
            Line_Item__c LineItem = new Line_Item__c(Name ='Test line Item',
                                    Ship_To__c = Acc.Id,
                                    Bill_To__c  = Acc.Id,
                                    Payor__c = Acc.Id,
                                    Sold_To__c = Acc.Id,
                                    Start_Date__c = system.Today(),
                                    End_Date__c = system.Today().addDays(30),
                                    Service_Contract__c = Scon.ID);
            insert LineItem;
            Entitlement Ent = new Entitlement(
                                    Name = 'Test Entitlement',
                                    AssetId = Assets.Id,
                                    AccountId = Acc.id,
                                    Line_Item__c = LineItem.Id,
                                    Case_Priorities_Covered__c = 'Priority 1-2'
            insert Ent; 
            Id RecordTypId = [select id from RecordType where Name =:'Case' limit 1].Id; 
            Id SubcaseRecordTypId = [select id from RecordType where Name =:'Case - SubCase' limit 1].Id;
            Id subCaseActionPlanRes = [select id from RecordType where Name =: 'Subcase Response' limit 1].Id;
            Id subCaseActionPlan = [select id from RecordType where Name =: 'Subcase Action Plan' limit 1].Id;           
            Case ParentCase= new Case(
                                     Entitlement_Category__c ='Contract',
                                     AssetID = Assets.id,
                                     RecordTypeId = RecordTypId,
                                     ContactID= Con.Id,
                                     Priority = '1-Critical Need',
                                     Description = 'Test Data' ,
                                     Service_Contract__c =Scon.Id,
                                     Customer_Unable_to_Provide__c = True,
                                     Reason='Application Support',
                                     EntitlementId = Ent.Id
            insert ParentCase;           
            System.Debug('#Parent Case : '+ParentCase);
            Case subcase=new Case(
                                    ParentId =ParentCase.Id,
                                    RecordTypeId = SubcaseRecordTypId,
                                    Priority = '1-Critical Need',
                                    Customer_Unable_to_Provide__c = True);
            insert subcase;
            System.Debug('#Sub Case : '+subcase);
            Action_Plan__c actionPlan = new Action_Plan__c(
                                                        Name = 'Test Action Plan',
                                                        Status__c = 'New',
                                                        Action_Plan_Executor_Role__c ='L1 Owner',
                                                        Sub_Case__c = subcase.Id,
                                                        Information_Only__c = false,
                                                        RecordTypeId = subCaseActionPlan,
                                                        Next_PAO__c = TestUser.Id,
                                                        Next_Action_Due_Date__c = System.Today()
            insert actionPlan; 
            actionPlan.Status__c = 'Submitted';
            update actionPlan;                                     
            /***calling starttest() to start test to avoid hitting SOQL Row limit ***/
            Action_Plan__c actionPlanResp = new Action_Plan__c(
                                                        Name = 'Test Action Plan',
                                                        Status__c = 'New',
                                                        Action_Plan__c = actionPlan.Id,
                                                        RecordTypeId = subCaseActionPlanRes ,                     
                                                        Action_Plan_Executor_Role__c ='L1 Owner',
                                                        Sub_Case__c = subcase.Id
                                                        //Information_Only__c = false,
                                                        //Next_Action_Due_Date__c = null
            insert actionPlanResp;
            actionPlanResp.Status__c = 'Submitted';
            update actionPlanResp;
                subcase.Status = 'Closed';
                update subcase;                            
            }catch(Exception e){
                System.assertEquals('FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION', e.getDmlStatusCode(0));
            ParentCase.Status = 'Fixed';
            ParentCase.Reason = 'Void';
            update ParentCase;
            /***calling stoptest() to avoid hitting SOQL Row limit ***/                                                 
ShashankShashank (Salesforce Developers) 
This is caused by the trigger. Check the line number mentioned in the error in the trigger.
hanumanth rao Naiduhanumanth rao Naidu
Thank you