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Soql query help needed


I need help on the following requirement

1) i am having a custom object called as account exceptions__c where there are 2 picklist field called as ADR month__c(01 to 12)  and ADR YEAR__c(2014 to 2020)

2) there is a custom field Account__c lookup to account to this custom object 

when i enter the value for those fields, the number of account exceptions created under a specific account for which the adr month and year should be >13

for eg : if i enter 10/2013 it qualfies and if i enter 9/2013 it doesnt qualify since it is less than 13

also the number of records under this scenario is >3 a multi select picklist should be updated

i have written a trigger but its throwing a error

trigger AF_Approval on AccountExceptions__c (before insert , after insert )
    if (trigger.isInsert && trigger.isBefore)
         List<Id> accId = new List<Id>();
         List<String> adrMonth = new List<String>();

   List<AccountExceptions__c> lstAccExp = [Select Id,Account__c,ADR_Month__c,ADR_Years__c from AccountExceptions__c where Id =:accId ];

              for(AccountExceptions__c ac: lstAccExp){
           Date dt = Date.parse(ac.ADR_Years__c,ac.ADR_Month__c,'01');
           if(dt <{
            myobj.Executive_Approval_Reasons__c='Dealer Annual Limit Exceeded';


i am getting this complile error

Error: Compile Error: Variable does not exist: Date at line 65 column 22

 Date dt = Date.parse(ac.ADR_Years__c,ac.ADR_Month__c,'01');

ADR_Years__c,ADR_Month__c are picklist values should i not use a date function for this

Please help me

Thanks in Advance

Balaji BondarBalaji Bondar
replace below code
String dateStr = ac.ADR_Month__c +'/01/'+ac.ADR_Years__c;
Date dt = Date.parse(dateStr);
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