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Cannot login to Dev Ed for Challenge evaluation

I can authenticate to Trailhead with the Dev org credentials I use for all my community profiles, but when I try to authenticate that org with the "Connect to Your Developer Edition" button above the Challenges, I am led through the OAuth, but then end up at this URL (brackets and ellipses added to remove codes):[...]e6N2G._regTiYVbjA%3D%3D&[...]efc8c72e8a1858f219e

The message on the page is:

Authorization Required 

You must first log in or register before accessing this page. 
If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot Password to reset it. 

The URL parameters look a little malformed, with URL encoded ampersands and equals instead of the actual characters, and perhaps a missing ampersand and/or parameter name between the end of the "code" parameter and the beginning of the "user_id".

Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
Can you try two things?

a) Open an incognito window or private browsing session and visit any trail.
c) Log in with your dev credentials using one of the "on page" buttons either at the bottom of a unit or right under the trail title:

After you log in initially, does it say "connect" with your developer edition or "continue" with your developer edition?

If that doesn't work, do you mind emailing Adam and I your username?  (apurkiss and jlehrbaum at
Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
Oh and for #1 let me know what it says, but attempt to complete the process as well. 
#1 - I get the OAuth pop-up, and successfully login to my dev org, and then it tells me to "Connect to your Developer Edition":User-added image

If I click the orange button with the key, I continue to the next OAuth, and it shows my creds in the list of users, with the green dot to show that it's logged in. I click that user, re-authenticate with username and password, and then get the Authorization Required error. I do not get a permissions request screen before the Auth Required error.

This is a somewhat older Dev org, created 5/9/2008, and has a My Domain, with a redirect policy of "Do Not Redirect", in case that's relevant. It also has a namespace defined. 

I am able to complete the second step of the process using a different dev org, so can continue with the exercises, but will email you with the details in case you want to troubleshoot for other prospective users. 

I have the same problem.
Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
Don't click the user with the green dot.  Its actually a portal user on the Salesforce Developers community and NOT the credentials for your dev org.   Its confusing I know but make sure to click "Login with a different user name" and then re-enter your credentials. 

Please let me know if this resolves it for you, Scott. 

Thomas: we'll take a closer look at your issue in the next couple of days but we suspect it has something to do with either the namespace in your account and/or the "my domain" that's been configured.

I understand what you are referring to. I was not clicking on the "cached" username and password. Any other Idea's? I'd really like to try this out. Thank you, Scott
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Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum

Best short term fix is to create a new, fresh developer edition to do all your challenges.  But we'd love to debug this with you if you're open to it so we can figure out why its not working. We've since some developer editions (usually very old ones) that have trouble authenticating.

Please email me at jlehrbaum at salesforce dot com to discuss further, if you're open to helping us debug it. 

Scott McCloskey1Scott McCloskey1
I set my old dev org and trailhead account to generic name (test11111) to free my username and email address.  I then created a new trailhead account and was able to associate to a new dev org.    Its a workaround... Let me know if there is anything I can do to help resolve the underlying issue. 

Rupert PenzingerRupert Penzinger
same issue
Troy OltmannsTroy Oltmanns
Having similar problem with a fresh dev account...