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Rodrigo AresRodrigo Ares 

Cannot save using sublime and mavensmate.

Hi, since yesterday i i'm trying to save an apex class but nothing happens. 

It says "success" but the changes has not impact the test enviroment.

Right now when press save it is saving for a long time.


Mike ArthurMike Arthur
Hopefully your save has completed by now Rodrigo :-)

For others viewing this thread, I had the same problem - ctrl-s in Sublime would normally save and compile my class and it would be updated on the platform.  Then that stopped working.  Other threads suggested that ctrl-shift-s would save and compile, which it did.

What I then realised was that I had the same class open in Dev Console and the two were conflicting.  I closed both, opened in Sublime only and the save and compile behaviour on ctrl-s returned.