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Juan SpagnoliJuan Spagnoli 

Trying to access to attachment get: Error ID: 834158013-11877 (63307295)

Hi, I'm trying to do something really simple that already did in other times, i'm doing a link to an attachment from my site, for example:


And i get "An error has occurred while processing your request. We apologize for the inconvenience. Error ID: 834158013-11877 (63307295)"

I can't know what is happening, I have other attachments linked in the same way and they works fine. The parent's object is new, I'd already give access to the object in the site's profile (view all).

Please, I would like if someone from SFDC's support could tell me what is happening in the background. If I create a case, they will send me back to the forum.

Thanks a lot. 
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Juan SpagnoliJuan Spagnoli
Well.. finally i got it, the problem was that the Custom Object was "In Development" status, I changed to "Deployed" and it works.