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Carol RehnbergCarol Rehnberg 

Parse Error after Winter 15 Release

What changes in the Winter 15 release would cause the system to start throwing parse errors in an xml reader apex? It was working perfectly, and suddenly stopped working. The Debug Log message is SystemXMLException ParseError.
RamuRamu (Salesforce Developers) 
See if you can find any known issues after winter 15 release at the link below
Carol RehnbergCarol Rehnberg
No, there is nothing in there regarding this issue.
Yes, I am having the same problem here. Anybody knows why?
Carol RehnbergCarol Rehnberg
I got this back from SF Tech Support:

-R&D declared that it is WAD 
-- The error is caused due to XML external entity blocking which has been done from SFDC side for security reasons. 

-Salesforce blocks xml referencing external entities since the WInter 15 release. 

To resolve this issue please comment out the XXE reference or the 
doctype .