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Translation Workbench and Muti- currency access through customer communities

Hi All,

This is with respect to using multi languages and multi currency in salesforce.
Now we all know that for former the solution is enabling "Translation Workbench" and for latter  raising a case for enabling "Multi currency" feature.
However, my manager raised the following question :-
Can a "Customer Community" License user - on logging into a salesforce org see labels and records in a "language" and "currency" of his choice.
For e.g. in a  Org. Corporate Currency - USD
                           Default Language - English US
Multi currency and language translation enabled
For Customer Community User - Can he see "Currency" Values in - "EURO" 
                                                                 Record "Labels" in - "French"  
Kindly advice.
Many thanks in advance.


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ShashankShashank (Salesforce Developers) 
Yes, A community user can be setup to view currency and language of your or his choice once Multi-currency is enabled and translations are done.