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Visualforce email renders Salesforce added content

We recently learned that occasionally  the visualforce template we send out  isn't rendered propperly.
Customers were able to see the SF attached content that looks a bit like this:
if(!window.sfdcPage) { window.sfdcPage = new ApexDetailPage(); }UserContext.initialize({"networkId":"","labelLastModified":"1413507464000","locale":"en_GB","isDefaultNetwork":true,"timeFormat":"HH:mm","today":"24/10/2014 15:14","orgPreferences":[{"index":257,"name":"TabOrganizer","value":true}],"userPreferences":[{"index":112,"name":"HideInlineEditSplash","value":false},{"index":114,"name":"OverrideTaskSendNotification","value":false},{"index":115,"name":"DefaultTaskSendNotification","value":false},
The sales agents that were CC in saw the email rendered properly. 
Could someone explain what is the cause and how to eliminate the interminent behhaviour.

Thank you

Are they using a browser to view the attachment or are they using an email client?  We noticed that when we open a VF-generated excel file from some browsers, these were rendered within the content as well.
I don't know.  The email hasn't any attachment it's witten in the oldfastion html tables with css in tag attributes so that it looks good in gmail.
I tried different browsers and email clients. It all looks good when I open the emails.
Oh, I thought when you said SF attached content, there was an attachment within the email.  In my experience, it is usually something to do with how the client application render the page.  Also, do the users use the same operating system as you?