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Show related list in child accounts

Hi all ,

I have parent - child account relationship. I have created custom object "Account Stages"  which has relationship with account and displayed in related list on account pages . I'm trying to figure out how to ...
1. ONLY allow add/update account stages when the user is on parent account page.
2. Display "Account stages" related list on all child account pages.

Thanks for your help.

Chris ShadeChris Shade

I think you could achieve #1 using validation rules, effectively you would just right a rule that Account Stages can't be updated when the Parent Account field is not null.  

#2 is tricky.  You could do it using an apex trigger or you could wait until they release the Trigger Flow tool (probably Spring of 15).

So basically to achive #2 you are saying .. using trigger I have to check if accountis parent on insert/update of stage and then add that stage to child. 
Chris ShadeChris Shade