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Managed package Trigger Vs Usual trigger: Order of execution.

Can anyone help me understand the order of execution of two triggers on the same object. I cannot use helper class. Plase read the scenario below.

I have custom object Cobj-A. It is from a managed package. The custom object has a trigger tgrA from  managed package. If I create a trigger trgB  on same cusotm object Cobj-A, What is the order of execution? Does my trigger fire first or the trigger from the managed package.

Thanks in advance.
James LoghryJames Loghry
If they're both on the same event (before update, after update, etc), then there's really nothing you can do to guarantee that one trigger will fire before the other trigger.

Some vendors will allow you to disable their triggers through a custom setting or some other mean, but then you would have to redo the logic in your own trigger.  That's about the best you can hope for from controlling the order of the logic though.

I would strike up a conversation with the vendor of the managed package and see if they have any advice for how to work with their triggers.  Also, take a look at their AppEx page to see if anyone else has suggestions for working with their triggers.