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Trigger Modification


I have a piece  of trigger which prevents duplicates on Contacts. I am looking forward to display the existing Contact for which the duplicate was attempted and thus the erro was thrown.
is it possible in this Trigger:

trigger Duplicate1 on Contact (before insert, before update) {
    set<Id> accIds = new set<Id>();

    for(Contact p{
    map<Id,account> parentAccmap = new map<Id,account>([select Id,parentId,recordtypeId from account where Id IN :accIds and parentId!=NULL and recordtypeId='012600000005J5J']); //add Site record type Id here.

    set<ID> parentIds = new set<ID>();
    for(Account acc : parentAccmap.values()){
    map<Id,Set<String>> parentPrMap = new map<Id,Set<String>>();
    list<Contact> prParentlist = [select ID,Email,Name,AccountId, Account.recordtypeId,Phone,FirstName, lastName from Contact where AccountId IN:parentIDs and Account.recordtypeId='012600000005J5I']; //add Customer record type Id here.
    for(Contact pr:prParentlist){
        if(parentPrMap.get(pr.AccountId) == null){
            parentPrMap.put(pr.AccountId, new Set<String>());

list<Contact> prParentlist2 = [select ID,Email,Name,account.parentid, Account.recordtypeId,Phone,FirstName, lastName from Contact where account.parentid in :parentIDs and Account.recordtypeId='012600000005J5J']; //add Customer record type Id here.
    for(Contact pr:prParentlist2){
        if(parentPrMap.get(pr.account.parentid) == null){
            parentPrMap.put(pr.account.parentid, new Set<String>());
            && parentAccmap.containsKey(prr.Accountid)
            && parentPrMap.containsKey(parentAccmap.get(prr.Accountid).ParentId)
                String baseUrl = URL.getSalesforceBaseUrl().toExternalForm()+'/02Z/e?parentId=';
                string errorMsg = '<a style=\'color:1B2BE8\'href="'+baseUrl+ prr.accountid +'"> Please Create a Contact Role  </a>';
                prr.addError('This Contact already exists.'+ errorMsg,false);
HI,this trigger returns error message with the existing lead id.Modify the above trigger based on this.

trigger FindDupes on Lead (before insert, before update)
for (Lead myLead :
if (myLead.Email != null)
List<Contact> dupes = [SELECT Id FROM Contact WHERE Email = :myLead.Email];
if (dupes.size() > 0)
String errorMessage = 'Duplicate contact found! '; errorMessage += 'Record ID is ' + dupes[0].Id;