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Tena WolverTena Wolver 

rerender visualforce component from visualforce page

I have a visualforce component that is used to allow users to enter in their information.  It contains Country and State.  When Country is selected I want only the State to be rerendered and not the whole page again.  I seem to only be able to get all if it to rerender or nothing.  How do I rerender a inputfield in the component when it gets changes?
Deepak Kumar ShyoranDeepak Kumar Shyoran
You can use put the components in an outputPanel which you want to reRender and then put the Id of outputPanel in reRenderAttribute of ActionFunction or Action Support whichever you are performing on onchange event of select list.
Tena WolverTena Wolver
The field that will need to rerender the component is inside the componenet.  My Country is inside the component with State. It works putting an output panel around it in the page and then kicking off the rerender in the component?