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Sravya Sadhu 4Sravya Sadhu 4 

update VIN based on account name and contact name

Hi ,

can any one suggest we have a standard object called case.we have a field called VIn no in case object.
whenever new case is created with account name and contact name,based on account name and contact name VIN should be populated.

Can anyone suggest how can i do this to get VIN no populated and VIN field is lookup here
Deepak Kumar ShyoranDeepak Kumar Shyoran
You can either write a Workflow rule or a Trigger to update this fields. It depends on you whichever you select either or them.
I would suggest that you use Visual Workflow to provide the user with a single form to collect the account and contact information.  The Flow can then create the appropriate case and link it to the appropriate VIN based on the informaiton it has collected.  Here's a Dreamforce session that describes how to accomplish this type of change: http://t.co/XfIBaqf1Iv