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Paulo PerezPaulo Perez 

Deploy Trigger

How can I adapt my trigger when I have other app install in my salesforce? Below a sample:
CampaignCallDownControllerTest.testNormalFlow(), Details: System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION, </BR></BR></BR><font color="blue">Redirecting in just a second.</font></BR><a href="../apex/SFSSDupeCatcher__SFSSDupeCatcher?dId0=MDBRRTAwMDAwMGE5MUNITUFZ&dId1=MDBRRTAwMDAwMGE5bnk5TUFB&dId2=MDBRRTAwMDAwMGE5bnlBTUFR&dId3=MDBRRTAwMDAwMGE5bnlCTUFR&dId4=MDBRRTAwMDAwMGE5bnlDTUFR&scId=YTFCRTAwMDAwMDd3WDBYTUFV&userAction=NA%3D%3D&sourceFieldLabels=RW1haWw%3D&targetFieldLabels=RW1haWw%3D&oneTimeKey=MTQxNTkxOTM4MTM4NQ%3D%3D">Click here for manual redirect.</a><br/><SCRIPT>window.location = "../apex/SFSSDupeCatcher__SFSSDupeCatcher?dId0=MDBRRTAwMDAwMGE5MUNITUFZ&dId1=MDBRRTAwMDAwMGE5bnk

This message show me when I deployed sandbox to production (I have instaled in production an app called CampaignCallDown).

sharathchandra thukkanisharathchandra thukkani
Deactivate the validation rule in production and deploy or else change the test class to insert such a data to bypass the validation rule I go with the second option.
Paulo PerezPaulo Perez
Hello Thuklani,

Thanks your replay, i dont have validation rule in task and I dont have test class in sandbox, i maked only trigger.