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Ravi NarayananRavi Narayanan 

Attachments Integration - Please Help !!

Hi Guys,

We have a requirement. can someone please help us .

There is a  Custom object with name "xxxxxx__c".  so whenever a new record is being created users will attach certain number of documents(say 2/3). Approximately per month itself around 3000 records will be created.  So due to space constraints i dont think it is possible to store all the 3000 records with their respective attachments in Salesforce ORG .

So is there anyway by which we can store all the related documents in some other 3rd party server and retrieve whenever the users would like to view the attachments ? 

Its very urgent and someone please help me ! ! 

Hi Ravi Narayan,
 We have a cloud based file storage system called dropbox(https://www.dropbox.com).
Register with your email id you will get free storage and premium paid service depends on our requirement.
After saving the files into your dropbox you will get an url. Save this URL insted of attachments to your object.
For instance I have saved a file in my cloud and sharing it with you.

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Naveen KNNaveen KN
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Naveen K N