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Christopher PezzaChristopher Pezza 

Edit List of Related Children of Parent

I have a parent that has a children records and i want to create a list of just the children related to the parent to edit all at one time.

I have in the url the id for the parent that i pass through my extension when i click save it doesn't save what am i missing.

Public with sharing class nCino_CHEditFeatureJoinsController {
	Public Id CHid {get;set;}
	Public List<FCH_Joins__c> TheJoinsList {get;set;}

	public nCino_CHEditFeatureJoinsController(ApexPages.StandardController stdController) {

		CHid = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('ch');

		TheJoinsList = [SELECT Name, Id, nCino_Feature__r.Name, Status__c FROM FCH_Joins__c WHERE Customer_Health__c = :CHid];


VisualForce Page
<apex:page standardController="FCH_Joins__c" extensions="nCino_CHEditFeatureJoinsController" sidebar="false" >
	<c:Edit_List_of_Features Joins="{!TheJoinsList}"/>

The Component
<apex:attribute name="Joins" type="FCH_Joins__c[]" description="List of Joins to be edited" required="true"/>
	<apex:form >
		<apex:pageBlock >
			<apex:pageBlockButtons >
				<apex:commandButton value="Save" action="{!save}"/>
			<apex:pageBlockTable value="{!Joins}" var="a">
				<apex:column value="{!a.nCino_Feature__r.Name}" />
				<apex:column headerValue="Status">
					<apex:inputField value="{!a.Status__c}"/>


see the below link, the second example(AccountPagination) is the one what you are looking for. you have to follow the similar approach for the above case.