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Migration of Portal Communities

Hello All,

The biggest confusion is we are using partner portal for our clients to register and submit information form to us. These all process for only our customers using partner licenses and submit.for this we are using related classes,pages,triggers for register ( like registerpartnerportaluser )
For this we are using below user licenses which are spotlighted
User-added image
In the coming year, it’s starting to disappear from Salesforce as well as all related Organizations???
Is mandotary Migrate from partner portal, customer portal to partner community ???
If we’ve to migrate then we need to do code changes in classes,pages etc…
I thought that we are using partner portal for case rise to SF team using partnerforce in the coming days it would no longer available (Partnerforce) so we need to setting up and will do case rise from partner communities.so is this related to partner portal licenses or it’s just migration to partnerforce to portal community.
Please guide me …
Thanks to all,
PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Satya,

Ypu can refer to my earlier post on this: