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Todd B.Todd B. 

Adding an Account Address to an Activity

Is it possible to the add the address from the "whatid" object to the Task and Event page layout?  I have a custom object with locations and addresses that I would like to display on the Task record.  I can get the location Name to appear, but can I get the address to show up?


Todd B.
Geoffrey J FlynnGeoffrey J Flynn
Hi Todd,

You could do it with a trigger for sure.  As for doing it declaritively, the problem with WhatID is that it could be referencing an Account, an Opportunity, an Asset, etc.  So you can't really build a formula field that traverses the relationship because the relationship isn't always the same.  A lot of people have this same issue.

I keep telling everyone to request to be put on the Custom Lookups on Activities pilot program to solve these kinds of problems.  This will make it so much easier.