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SF Buzz VutukuriSF Buzz Vutukuri 

Workflow to send email

I want workflow to send email if the diffrence between created date and closed date of the opportunity is less than 15 days.............
Amritesh SahuAmritesh Sahu
Hi Buzz,

To send email through Workflow Goto:
1) Your Name->Setup->Create->Workflow & Approvals ->Workflow Rules->Click New Rule
2) Select the opportunity object->Next->Enter Rule Name->Select evaluation criteria which fits to your needs.
3) Then Select rule criteria as "formula evaluates to true". Give the criteria as
CloseDate -   DATEVALUE( CreatedDate )  < 15
4) Click Save & Next->Add Workflow Action->New Email Alert.
5) ENter Description, Name, Email Tempelate, Recipient Type.
6) Select from Email Address-> Click Save.
7) Click Done->Activate.