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UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION: An unexpected error occured. Please include this ErrorId if you contact support: 112946999-39710

I'm using MavensMate in Sublime Text to do my development. It has been working fine until about mid day today. Now every time I try to updated a file I'm working on or refresh data from the server I encounter this error. Any ideas of what I need to look at to fix it. I've done the standard Windows reboot to see if that fixed anything but it hasn't.
Unfortunately there's nothing you can do when you receive an error of this nature except contact support.  This means that an unhandled exception has occurred in the application server that Salesforce runs on, so support need to look at the logs in conjunction with the code to figure out the problem.  I've been able to get at some log snippets through my Salesforce contacts and it didn't help in the slightest, as I had no access to the code and thus no idea what processing was taking place.