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We have a visualforce page where the,
Header & footer should have our client website styles
Main content should have Salesforce styles

We are using <composition>, <define>, <insert> tags to implement the Flow, so that main content will change upon selecting the link in the left side bar.

Problem is, Client Website styles are not applying if we have the attribute standardStylesheets="true" in both Composition VF page and Template VF page. When I changed the sttribute standardStylesheets="false" in composition, Client Website styles are working but Salesforce style in main content is not working.

How do I apply Salesforce styles to the main content with having standardStylesheets="false", so that our Client Website styles should work.
If the client styles and Salesforce styles won't play nicely together, you'll need to use an iframe to pull the body in, which will display it in its own page container.  This does decouple the content of the main page from the header/footer though, so may not be suitable depending on your exact use case.