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David OvellaDavid Ovella 

How to delete apex class from production

I created apex class in the developer, then deploy to production. But it didn't work and i think is because has @istest on the code, i don't know. And now that is on the production, i don't know how to delete. I'm new is this.
This is my apex class

public with sharing class SenasPDFController {
    private final Senas__c sna;
    public cSena csna{get; set;}
    public Integer total{get; set;}

    public SenasPDFController(ApexPages.StandardController controller){
        this.sna= [Select Id, Total_Sena__c From Senas__c Where Id= :controller.getId()];
        this.csna = new cSena(this.sna);
        total= Integer.valueOf(this.sna.Total_Sena__c);
    public String getNumberToWords(){
        return NumberToSpanishWords.toSpanishWords(total);
    public class cSena{
        public Senas__c sna {get; set;}
        public string Total_Sena{get; set;}
        public cSena(Senas__c s){
HI David,
You can delete using Eclips or Force.com IDE with doing some modification in XML file..
Please follow this link you can find the solution