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pradeep naredlapradeep naredla 

Facing problem in email to case

i am working on the functionality of email to case now and i am facing a problem like i am replying from the email in salesforce to the customer mail then i cant send the email with my domine url i.e support url and it was taking the users email as default and so after that i dont have any option to save further conversation in my salesforce database
           how can it will be rectified????
Jerome LusinchiJerome Lusinchi

In Setup > Email Administration > Organization-Wide Email Address you can always create an email address that you'll be able to use as the from address when you send an email or reply to one.
Then when the customer reply, the "to" address will be the one you configured.

If you have only one email to case address, you can also ask support users to set their email address as this one in their personnal email configuration.
My Settings > Email > My Email Settings

Hope this help