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Ashutosh RajputAshutosh Rajput 

Upload attachment by jitterbit Data loader

Can anyone help me out, I am stuck in  problem, I want to upload attachment in professional org, I can do this by "apex data loader" but salesforce org API has been disabled, So there is last option of jitter data loader.

But whenever i upload attachment , It attached in "byte" form, Attachment is not being uploaded in proper size, I have tried everything from google also i converted my csv file "fields" in to Base64EncodeFile("<TAG>Sources/Files/One attachment.csv (16)</TAG>",...) , Even though it's giving same result, Please help me out. I would be very thankful

Kiran Kumar GottulaKiran Kumar Gottula
First you need to enable the 'Use Bulk API' after that enable 'Upload Bulk API Batch as Zip File'. then you need to insert 1000 records in salesforce. and export that recently inserted records Ids. 

For importing or inserting an attachment to an object (say Account) we need the following details in the CSV file that we are going to use in the Data loader.

If you are using professional org,  we are not able enable Bulk api by our self. It is better to go for Dataloader.io
In this we dony need to enable bulk api's. it hs more options than Datat Loader.

URL : https://dataloader.io/
Just login in this.
Steps to follow: New Task ---> Import ---> Select Object ---> next ---> Upload csv file ---> next ---> run.

Confirm that the CSV file you intend to use for attachment importing contains the following required columns (each column represents a Salesforce.com field):
ParentId - the Salesforce.com ID of the parent record.
Name - the name of the attachment file, such as myattachment.jpg.
Body - the absolute path to the attachment on your local drive.
Ensure that the values in the Body column contain the full file name of the attachments as they exist on your computer. For example, if an attachmentnamed myattachment.jpg is located on your computer at C:\Export, Body must specify C:\Export\myattachment.jpg. Your CSV file might look like this:

Ashutosh RajputAshutosh Rajput
Hello Kiran, Thanks a lot for your reply, But I had tried Dataloader.io too, But it takes as a path wrong and gives an error of wrong path, Same Thing i have tried by dataloader in my developer org and its gives fine result from data loader, but if i try from dataloader.io it gives error of wrong path.