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Venkata Sravan Kumar BandariVenkata Sravan Kumar Bandari 

I want to pass parameters from command link to controller how it is possible.......?

<apex:repeat value="{!pages}" var="page">
      <apex:commandlink value="{!page}" action="{!displayPage}">
      <apex:param value="page" name="number" assignTo="{!pageNumber}"/>
Here i am displaying commandlinks 1 2 3 ......when i click on the link respective number will pass to it possible....?
Thanks in advance 

You need to use apex:actionfunction.

You can use below code for your page and controller.

Apex Page:
<apex:actionFunction name="afDisplayPage" action="{!displayPage}">
	<apex:param name="prmPageNumber" value="" />
<apex:repeat value="{!pages}" var="page">
	<apex:commandlink value="{!page}" onclick="afDisplayPage('{!page}')" />&nbsp;&nbsp;
Apex Class:
Public Class YourController(){
	Public PageReference displayPage(){
		String strPageNumber = ApexPages.CurrentPage().getParameters().get('prmPageNumber');
		System.debug('######## strPageNumber   '+strPageNumber);
		return null;

Thanks and Cheers,

gokul bharatigokul bharati
Hi Venkata,

Yes its possible,

Like the sample below which i have used in my VF page.

VF page:

<apex:commandLink action="{!goEOLPage}" style="color:#c71444;text-decoration:none;" value="{!$Label.LinkPayLiability}"> <apex:param value="3" assignTo="{!eolSec}"/> <apex:param name="EndOfLease" value="EndOfLease" assignTo="{!RedirectPage}"/> </apex:commandLink>

On clicking the commandLink it sets the value. of the variable RedirectPage and Eol Sec  in the controller.


public string eolSec{get;set;}
public string RedirectPage  {get;set;}