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Amit SahaiAmit Sahai 

Salesforce Analytics Cloud : Wave Quick test

Hi all,

Based on the flow provided in the External Data API guide, one should load data in an object called InsightExternalDataObject in Salesforce programatically and and also load a JSON file for metadata.

If we simply want to test out non-programatically, what can be done through set-up menu...searched in data loader for this so called object and could not find it. 

As per the diagram in the External API guide, it should be possible to load metadata as well as csv data file from UI also.
Any clues how to do this?

ShashankShashank (Salesforce Developers) 
The InsightsExternalData object is available in API version 31 or later. You may have to check the api version of your data loader. More importantly, Analytics Cloud should first be enabled and setup in your org by getting it at an additional cost from your Salesforce Account Executive.