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shiva pendemshiva pendem 

Problem while fetching custom object owner account in partner poratal

i have a problem while capturing accountid of owner please give me your suggetions .
senario : i have a custom object which using in partner portal .So i want to fetch the owner.accountid of custom object which is used to capture the current userid of partner portal.
i am using this code but its throws an error .
Select createddate,owner.name,name,,Request_Type__c from PC_New_Account_Request__c where  Request_Type__c = 'Customers of Dealer HQ' AND (status__c ='Pending' OR status__c='Rejected') AND Owner.accountid =:currentuseraccount[0].id ORDER BY name ASC ];

please let me know if there are any possibility.
SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
Could you please provide the complete code..wish to understand from where you are getting Owner.accountid =:currentuseraccount[0].id