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Rahul GoyalRahul Goyal 

Salesforce Email attachments issue

Hi All,

We have inserted number of attachments in our org, and we were not aware about the Audit fields which were enabled by the Salesforce on the request to other user.

Now when we have inserted email attachments, we did mapped the CreatedByID and other system fields to salesforce fields. Data was exported from another instance where CreatedByID was a userID of the users which is not currently not available in our new instance. after insterting we have got success and error files, but we are unable to view the attachments, this is becuase the createdByID which is mapped to wrong user ID. After contacting Salesforce they said CreatedByID value can only be inseter we can not update and when it is being requested to enable it has become a text field, so when we have inserted the values we did not recieve any error and data is imported,

But my doubt is eventhough it has become a text field, attachments should be visible to us(System admin).

Could any one please suggest.

ShashankShashank (Salesforce Developers) 
You might want to query the attachment object using data loader or workbench and check if they are available. There is also a field on the object called "IsPrivate", which hides the attachment if you are not the owner. Also, if the ParentId is blank, there is no way to see them on any object as they are not linked to any.
Hii Rahul Goyal,

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