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Update Profile via Metadata API

Hi All, 

I am trying to update Profile using Metadata API in Apex Class:

MetadataService.IReadResult resultValue = service.readMetadata(metadataType,new List<String>{'ContractManager'});   
                    for(MetadataService.Metadata md: resultValue.getRecords())
                    MetadataService.Profile pr = new MetadataService.Profile();
                    pr = (MetadataService.Profile)md;

                    for(MetadataService.ProfileApexClassAccess pop: pr.classAccesses)
                        if(pop.apexClass == 'TestApexClass')
                            pop.enabled = true;
                    for(MetadataService.ProfileApplicationVisibility pvp: pr.applicationVisibilities)
                        if(pvp.application== 'TestApplication')
                            pvp.visible= true;

MetadataService.Saveresult[] results = service.updateMetadata(new MetadataService.Metadata[] {pr});

Above saveResult is not returning any error. But the "success" variable is showing false. Am I missing anything in the above code?
Is it possible to make Profile updates via Metadata API?