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Chris VogeChris Voge 

JS Remoting - Forcing a timeout


Is there a way to force a timeout with JS Remoting ( besides, say, putting an endless loop
in your Apex code )  ? I set the timeout parm to 0000, but it still returns data. I'm making a  
REST WS call if that makes a difference.

I would have expected the 0000 millisecs would force the timeout.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks, Chris
Try to set a small timeout != 0 (like 10).
Hope this helps
May the Force.com be with you!
Chris VogeChris Voge
I did that before trying the "all zeroes" option.
It was only a suggestion, never tried before :)
So you can set a low timeout (like 1 second) and after that you insert in your Apex method a callout to an external site (a simple Http GET call)...you can increase your latency for sure!