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How can i Override Standard "Accept" button on live Agent Chat Screen

I want to customize Accept button on live agent chat screen
I want to open window confirmation pop-up on click of Accept button
plz help
ThanksHow can i override Standard Accept button in advance !!! 
Gaurav KheterpalGaurav Kheterpal
You can customise it from here.

Customize | Live Agent | Chat Buttons & Invitations

User-added image

There's also a detailed tutorial about it here (http://peterknolle.com/live-agent-pre-chat-api/) which may be helpful.

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Thank you Gaurav!
But i want to open a confirmation window on click of Accpet Button.
When i click on Button "Accept" then lead is automatically create in my console. I want to give option on click of Accept. Wheather i want to create a lead or not.
Please suggest me.