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Crystal Reports Salesforce.com connection

I have run into an issue with connecting to sf.com using crystal reports. I am not sure which url to use to log in so all my objects are displayed. I have been searching for an answer, and found this discussion. https://success.salesforce.com/answers?id=90630000000guNOAAY. The Soap 17.0 doesnt show the new TaskRelation and i get an org.xml.sax.SAXException:Invalid element in com.sforce.soap.partner.GetUserInfoResult - licenseType" when i use Soap/u/9.0. 

My activity list count didn't match what sf.com report listed (never had an issue before). Seems like since i turned on "shared" activities all "shared" activites are not showing up when i connect to salesforce via the driver crystal provides. All other objects i.e. account, contacts etc. have the correct count. Just not Activities. They show up when I download the activity from Dataloader, but not this 3rd party reporting(Crystal & force.com connector). Im assuming its based on the type of connection/login I am using? I can't think of another reason. Is there any other way or url to connect to sf.com using crystal reports 2011 or 2013??
I found this link - Has anyone used them before? https://www.progress.com/products/datadirect-connect/odbc-drivers/data-sources/salesforce