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How to build a Formula for multiple picklist values?

Hi all,

field:  Status
picklist values:  new, open, closed

If status equals either new or open, then add a checkmark to another field

I have so far:
IF(ISPICKVAL(case_status__c, "new" ),"Yes","No")

You have to use Includes function. the link below will help

IF(OR(INCLUDES(case_status__c,'new'),INCLUDES(case_status__c ,'open')),'Yes','No')

INCLUDES if for Multi Select?  I have a picklist field.  CASE doesn't seem to work.
Sorry i thought you have multi select picklist. then the following should work

IF(OR(TEXT(case_status__c) = 'New',TEXT(case_status__c) = 'open'),'Yes','No')
sudheer Balledasudheer Balleda
Hii everyone can u guide me how to solve this one which function i have to use

Create a State(Multipicklist) Values(KA,TN,HP,JK,GO,GT,AS,WB)field     on Student object. Write a formula to populate Region if State value KA,TN populate “SOUTH”,HP,JK populate “NORTH”,GO,GT populate “WEST” else “EAST”.