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Workflow is not firing everytime on Opportunity after lead conversion

I have an workflow on Opportunity that needs to trigger everytime its created.
The criteria is based on a formula field(Account.name) -- Formula_field__c contains 'TEXT', trigger the workflow.
This Workflow does bunch of field updates

The problem is, the workflow is not triggerring some times eventhough it meets the criteria.
Note: I am creating the Opportunity using lead conversion.

I got issues with Data integrity because of the Issue
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Got the Solution, the Issue is with the assigning of parent account to Account

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Hi Vj@88,

try to share your formula .

Sai Ram ASai Ram A
Hi Vj@88

 I managed to replicate the Scenario by creating a Formula field in Opportunity with Account.Name & workflow on Opportunity, I dont see any Issue in flow while converting a Lead, Please share more info so we can help you 
Created a Workflow on Opportunity; Find Screenshots
Workflow RuleField Update Account Name + " Opportunity"

Thank you
Thanks for checking out Blearn.
But the problem is, its not working everytime an opportunity is created. I got some Opportunities(30 out of 400) that are didnt triggered the Workflow on creation.
Is there any execution order for evaluating Formula fields and triggering Workflows?

PFB screen shots.
User-added image
The above Opp didnt triger the Workflow on creation. PFB below.

User-added image
Above Opp triggered the WF and has executed some field updates(highlighted)
Got the Solution, the Issue is with the assigning of parent account to Account
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vinothk balasubramanianvinothk balasubramanian
Hi Vj@88,

 You mentioned the solution as "Got the Solution, the Issue is with the assigning of parent account to Account". Can you please provide little bit explanation on this?

 I faced similar problem like this/ Once the lead is converted to Opportunity, workflow rules are triggering in Opportunity record creation for system admin profiles and not on Custom profiles.

 Do i enable any permission on custom profiles?


What type of formula field you are using?
In my case, I have assigned the 'parent account'(an account lookup field on Account object) name to the formula field on opportunity. Initial problem was, when I create Account and Opportunity at the same time, I cannot set the parent account field in the account record, as the result the formula field on the Opp was NULL, that's why the workflow didnt trigger. The problem got resolved by triggering the workflow everytime(before it was only when Opp is created).