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Sam AlexSam Alex 

show custom object fields in Account object's detail page

I have a custom object with several text fields and a checkbox, My checkbox label is "Allow update".

I want to show that checkbox in a section of ACCOUNT object (non custom build object). Means, I want to have a section in Account detail page called "MyCustomObjectName" and that section should have the "Allow update" checkbox.

Problem I have is to relate these 2 object. It is not lookup, hierarchy or Master-Detail.

Please help me on this...
PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Sam,

If you can create a lookup relationship then you can easily get the cross object field. As lookup field is not mandatory, you can hide the lookup field and also the related list in on the master object. It's easier to get cross object field if you have relationship between the objects.