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PDF saved under Quote PDFs is not visible.

Hi there,

As we have limitations for custom Quote templates so we are trying to create VF page as PDF. Generated PDF is getting attached under object 'Quote PDFs' (API is QuoteDocument).
We're facing a problem that we're not able to view 
content in the PDF generated having size more than 32 KB. However the content is visible when we are sending the PDF via email.

Is there any way to view PDF in salesforce itself?

Please assist.
ShashankShashank (Salesforce Developers) 

Hello Nikhil,

As per the below link i doubt that there is a limit of 32 KB.


Please refer below thread which shows code snippet of implementing this:



The following are maximum file size limits for files in Salesforce.

Feature Files Tab andChatter Salesforce CRM Content Salesforce Knowledge Documents Tab Attachments Related List
Maximum File Size 2 GB

2 GB
2 GB when uploaded viaREST API
38 MB when uploaded viaSOAP API
10 MB for Google Docs
10 MB when uploaded via Visualforce

5 MB for attachments

5 MB
20 KB for a custom-app logo

25 MB for file attachments
2 GB for feed attachments

The size limit for an attached file is 25 MB when attached directly to the related list.

Sandeep Singhal