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Dilip vDilip v 

How to register for dev 401 exams?

I have created a webassessor account.But under developer registration i cant find the term dev 401.(The following picture explains it).
Reply me ASAP.
here is the screenshot.User-added image
Crystal Rochlitz 4Crystal Rochlitz 4
If you are taking the 401, the Certified Force.com Developer test is the one you want (the top one in the pic). The other test is for the Advanced Developer (501). Just choose the online or onsite depending on where you want to take your test. Good Luck!
Dilip vDilip v
Thank you 
Crystal Rochlitz .
Dilip vDilip v
I have scheduled dev 401 exam.(feb 7,2015 ).
But i dont know on which release the exam will be( summer 14 or winter 15)?
Please provide me some information.

Crystal Rochlitz 4Crystal Rochlitz 4
Winter 2015
Dilip vDilip v
So using flash cards will work(I mean they may be otdated fo the exam) to pass the exam?