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Nitish RainaNitish Raina 

Live Agent not showing in console app

Hi I have configured Live Agent but it is not showing in Console App. I have made all settings correctly.

My console app
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Hi Nitish,

Just verify your logged in user detail page whether "Live Agent User" checkbox is checked or not.

Best Regards,

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Hi Nitish,

Just verify your logged in user detail page whether "Live Agent User" checkbox is checked or not.

Best Regards,
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Nitish RainaNitish Raina
Thank you Mithun, that worked. The "Live Agent User" checkbox for my login was not checked. Thanks a lot.
Check this - http://www.infallibletechie.com/2015/01/live-agent-not-showing-in-console-app.html
Rich FiekowskyRich Fiekowsky
If you are as oblivious as me, you may think there is no such link on the page. It is all the way at the bottom right corner, and may appear greyed-out. One also could misplace the browser window and have it off-screen. 
Thanks -- I'm also oblivious, and your post prompted me to look more carefully at the bottom right of my screen. The agent widget is deceivingly well-hid on the console and my windows taskbar.
Nida Shaikh 17Nida Shaikh 17
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Even after these above settings.. I am unable to see Live agent in my app objects.. moreover my app object has been created. 

NEED help!
Yara ParedesYara Paredes
Hey! Im trying "Build a Community with Knowledge and Chat" trailhead and in the final, when u have to set Live agent online i couldnt fine the component in the Sample Console. I did all the thinks ok. Someone know why?
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Bithyzis DimitriosBithyzis Dimitrios
Good afternoon
Recently I tried to implement the live agent and encountered the below issues
1. Live agent is not showing in the console
I followed the Set Up Chat in Salesforce Classic help files from start to finish
The user (me, admin) has - Live Agent User option enabled
The profile (admin) has - all relevant tabs default on
The console has - Include Live Agent in this App enabled / assigned to profiles is visible and default for the system admin
From My settings > Customize my tabs for the sample console custom app > Live agent Sessions, Live agent Supervisor, Live chat transcripts and live chat visitors are placed in the selected tabs.
What might be the issue with the Live agent not showing in the console?
I do not think that a custom component must be created so that to be added via the Choose Console Components section in the Sample Console Edit. Macros, Omni, History and Knowledge one where introduced in the console via the Choose Console Components.

Any help will be much appreciated
T.J. CoyleT.J. Coyle
I have the exact same situation/problem as @Bihyzis Dimitrios. I am looking for the same solution. 

Does anyone have an answer?

Thanks so much.
Paul THOMAS 13Paul THOMAS 13
Thanks Rich & JP its just where you said - I found it in Salesforce Classic but had to reduce the screen zoom of my browser.