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Daniel TerrazaDaniel Terraza 

400 Bad Request After getting AutorizationCode


I have an AppexEchange Applicaiton that uses oAuth2 to gaing access for a conected app.

The process work properly, but for one specific account  after the AutorizationCode was recived, when I try to get a new Token I get an Error "400 Bad Request".

his same process work properly for many other clients how installed the app. Only for one specific account does not work. Its a Enterprice license account.

I checked the user's profile have API access enable and there is not IP restriccions.

Can you please help to see what can be making this AutorizationCode to generet a "400 Bad Request".

Marty C.Marty C.
Hello, Daniel, have you checked that your requests are going to the correct endpoint? Perhaps you can investigate whether My Domain is enabled and affects the endpoint your request needs to reach?